Ethics, Law and Telemedecine

 As part of its partnership with the Catholic University of Argentina, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is organizing a workshop to share research on this rich topic at French, European and Latin American level and promote joint research.

E-health is the transfer of health resources and health care by electronic means. It encompasses three main areas:

  • The delivery of health information, for health professionals and health consumers, through the Internet and telecommunications.
  • Using the power of IT and e-commerce to improve public health services, e.g. through the education and training of health workers.
  • The use of e-commerce and e-business practices in health systems management.

It will make personalized medicine possible and affordable in the near future. The adoption of Telemedicine technologies creates huge opportunities yet lots of challenges still need to be resolved to build reliable, secure, and efficient health care systems.
The topics include:

  • Emerging eHealth applications
  • Practical Applications of e-Health
  • Telemedicine and mobile telemedicine
  • ICT-enabled personal health system
  • Health monitoring & management
  • eHealth for aging to support quality of life for older adults, aging in place and independence
  • eHealth information and network infrastructure
  • eHealth for public health
  • Security and privacy

This seminar will also be the opportunity to launch the ‘Telemedicine’ Special Issue of the International Bioethics Journal.
If you are interested in participating, you can view details of the program, and register if you would like to attend the seminar.

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March 15 2014
Deadline for registration

March 27 2014 : Workshop



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